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Building a Programme

At GeekGirlMeetup the attendees are the programme. Everyone who signs up is asked if they’d like to hold a session, and all volunteers are welcome.  But don’t worry if you’d rather not hold a session, that’s fine too.

How does it work?  If you volunteer we’ll be in touch to discuss what your session is about.  About a week before the event we’ll put all the sessions into a schedule, and you’ll know exactly when on you’re on.

The sessions are organised into parallel streams, which means that the groups are kept to a friendly size to encourage lots of discussions. People are free to choose which sessions they go to, and we try and make sure that there’s always something of interest to everyone, whether you’re a coder or someone who’s just curious about tech.

Every talk lasts 20mins, with 10mins at the end for discussion and questions.

Who can hold a session? Anyone with geeky passion that they’d like to share. If you haven’t talked before, well, maybe now’s a good time to give it a go; the other geek girls will be a supportive audience. If you’re an experienced speaker, that’s brilliant, come be a role-model, and share your knowledge with us.

What can sessions be about? Anything you want to share with others. Does the theme “How does stuff work?” inspire you? Sessions can be talks, workshops, panels, or open discussions. In the past, we’ve seen people do sessions on “How to do TDD with JavaScript“, “Code in Molecular Dynamics“, “Arduino Hacking (workshop)“, “Why you should Open Source your code“, “Building an iPhone app (live coding)“, “Doing a online retail start-up“, “Finding the right team (open discussion)“, and that’s to name just a few.

Registration Open

Registration is now open for GeekGirlMeetup Berlin 2012. We’re going to be at Betahaus, on Saturday 15th September. It’s completely free to come, so please sign up and join us.

GeekGirlMeetup is an unconference on web, code and start-ups, and is a chance for women to exchange their techy knowledge.

Who is this for? Any woman or girl who has an active interest in technology, and wants to share knowledge. The most important thing is your interest and enthusiasm.

It’s a free conference, and we urge everyone to contribute.  Perhaps you could tweet, blog or take photographs on the day?

We especially encourage people who want to speak. All speakers, new and experienced are very welcome, so please come host a quick session on 3-D printing, Arduino, the art of start-up, how to create beautiful code, or whatever it is that happens to make your techy toes twirl!

We Are Go!

GeekGirlMeetup is an un-conference on web, start-up and code.

There are GeekGirlMeetups going on all over the place including Stockholm, London,  Mexico, and Hong Kong.

Now for GeekGirlMeetup Berlin!

Betahaus are kindly sponsoring us the space for 100 techy women to get together on Saturday 15th September.

It’s going to be a one day event, where geeky women can get together and talk tech.  As it’s an un-conference we ask that everyone who attends contributes something, maybe by tweeting, blogging, taking pictures, or by holding a session or workshop on your favourite geeky passion!

The theme for the day will be How does stuff work?

Further details and a registration form are coming soon!