Thank you!

Last weekend was GeekGirlMeetup, and we had a fantastic weekend. Thanks to everyone who contributed, including those who spoke, tweeted, blogged, took pictures, or discussed.

Special thanks to all those who baked or ate for our cake sale. We raised €77.54 for Camfed to provide IT resources for girls in Zambia.

Thank you also to our lovely sponsors SoundCloud and Betahaus, and also our supporters Nokia, Madvertise and Co.up. And thanks to the people from the Berlin Geekettes, Rails Girls and the OpenTechSchool for all their support and kind vibes.

And thank you Rahel Kraska for giving us such a super show at the after-party, you rock!

Want to find out more about the day?

* marvellous photos from Carla Drago

* article in Venture Village from Nina Fowler

* blog post from Melissa Yung

* blog post from Sofia Brändström (in Swedish, but google translate does an okay job)

We’re also slowly but surely putting links to slides and videos on our main site,, so send us your links ladies!

Finally a big thanks for all those who attended on the day, it was utterly delightful to be in the company of such geeky, talented, professional, smart, motivated and friendly women.  Already looking forward to getting our geek on together again in 2013!



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